When the phrase 'GODS OWN COUNTRY ' was coined it must have been with this particular location in mind. Set in a picturesque village of Thykattusserry on the banks of the KAITHAPPUZHA RIVER a tributary of the great Vembanad lake is the gracious mansion “Ayanat House”.

Built in  Art Deco style  which was in vogue in the early part of this century, Ayanat House is probably one of the few homes which is preserved in this modern era when old buildings are replaced with modern constructions.

Peter Wonacott  of The Wall Street Journal had this to say of Ayanat House,

“In his tourism venture, Mr. Tharakan has kept much of Ayanat House unchanged. It is stuffed with Art Deco furniture, and pepper and vanilla vines dot the property.”

If you love a quiet atmosphere, old buildings, and want to experience the village life in rural Kerala, come to this small village of Thykattusserry, situated away from the maddening developments of the outside world where the population comprises of people from different communities who live in harmony doing their daily chores like fishing and farming.
The history of the Parayil Tharakans has been traced back to almost 250 years with many of our illustrious forefathers playing important roles in the socio- economic development of this lovely State of Kerala. Amongst these were one Marquis four grand Chevaliers, members of the Kerala Legislatative Assembly and various senior government officials and social leaders. Chevalier Parayil Kujuavira Tharkan my late grand father was one among the 4 Parayees to be decorated by Pope Pius XII for his contributions and services to the church.

Ayanat House is the Home of Parayil Tharakans one of the oldest Syrian Christian families in Kerala. Traditionally landlords and farmers the Parayil Tharakans love for agriculture and nature is seen on the farmland surrounding the home which boasts of tall waving coconut palms, lush green fruit trees, pepper and vanilla vines, plants of herbal and medicinal value and an intercropping of delicious banana which is grown using only organic farming methods.

AYANAT HOUSE WAS built in the early part of the last century by my late father George Tharakan together with Rosakutty my late mother the house played host to a large family of 14 children 35 grand children and 37 great grand children.

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It has seen numerous occasions joyful or otherwise where the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have gathered to celebrate and enjoy the hospitality of this beautiful, luxurious six-bedroom home. With time this huge clan has moved out into the different corners of the world and eventually the responsibility of preserving the culture and traditions of this ancient family home is on the young shoulders of Johnny and Rani the last links of this huge chain.
Rani, Shreya, Sneha and myself (or the Tharakan family) invite you to Ayanat House to experience and share the culture warmth, and hospitality of this ancient family. Traditional Parayil cuisine from the Parayil Kitchen is a specialty of our exclusive home on the backwaters. The perfect blend of nature, the backwaters and the ambience of Ayanat House assures that you have a complete relaxed trouble free holiday.

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