Three large and airy bedrooms for the guests all face the backwaters on the western part of the house. Private verandahs for the bedroom makes it possible for guests to spend as much time relaxing privately with no disturbance from anyone. The bathrooms attached to the bedrooms offer both cold and warm water options. A well stocked library and reading room provides the perfect ambience to relax .We believe our guests are special and we endure to make your holiday very very special AYANAT HOUSE and its exclusive estate provide all the ingredients to make your holiday special.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be with the family and other guests. Food is mostly in traditional Kerala style. The typical Keralian way of eating meals off a banana leaf like practiced during festivals and weddings can be another option guests could try. Vanilla, pepper, areca nut, coconut and banana are also grown on the estate. Prawn farming is active in the season in the canals. The canals are also used for rearing the local delicacy-the pearl spot fish.

Preserving nature being the focus of Ayanat House trees of various types can be seen on the estate adding to the greenery and ambience the place has to offer the guests. The unspoilt village ambience adds spice to make your holiday complete.

The waterfront on the western side is attached to the house. Guests have their own private marina to relax. Try your luck at fishing with the traditional choonda (fishing rod) or learn to cast the fishing net the Keralian way. For the adventurous one's arrangements can be made to accompany the local fisherman to learn the practices and various methods of fishing.

Located between Alappuzha, Kochi and Kumarakom, Ayanat House is an ideal stopover for small groups visiting these important tourist destinations. Lunch Packages can be arranged with prior notice.

Other facilities for our valued guests are indoor games like caroms and scrabble (with Rani). Shuttle as an outdoor game is also popular within the household. In house we have 2 canoes, and the family's country boat which is available to the guests for your private cruise on the picturesque serene backwaters preferably in the evenings when the sun is setting on the western horizon as seen from the marina. Internet and other communication facilities are available at Ayanat House and allow guests keep in touch with loved ones back home.

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